I met innovator Shailendra Rakhecha at the grassroot technological innovations organised by the NIF.India at the Rashtrapati Bhavan.This young man has got the youngsters smiling by his eye-catching animation affected on the conventional T-shirts.May his tribe increases.All the very best in whatever you conceive

Mr. Matiur Rahman
(Science Filmmaker)

I see this innovation as an exciting new area for childrens garments , that brings an element of play interaction , and gives a greater social and educational connection between the child and the brand franchise.

Mr. Gurdev Mattu

Dear Shailendra

I am happy to write about your work on 'animating static designs on t-shirts through hand movements while walking', which i believe is quite an innovative idea. this concept should be a big hit with children. moreover, strategically designed and animated cartoons/illustrations on a t-shirt may also be useful to garner attention of people to social causes or issues (and not only for children) for example two pans of a weighing scale moving up and down in tandem with the catchword justice or whatever. simply speaking this concept can be used for many other things apart from only amusing children.

I do hope that you work further on your original idea of animating t shirt and take it forward. I also like your mobile pocket idea for jeans, but there you need to work more I think.

With my best wishes

Dr. Nitin Maurya
(National Coordinator)

Very nice to see your Development with your products in your sites . Good. Keep doing more Achievements .Keep in touch

(Founder & Chairman),
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